Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Katharina Damm Topless Bikini Candids At The Beach In St. Tropez

Here is Katharina Damm showing off her topless boobs and only wearing a tiny bikini bottoms on a beach in St. Tropez. Katharina Damm is a 23 year-old Danish model/actress best known for movies "Blue Crush" and "Rich Kids" and for being the girlfriend of Jared Leto. And, Katharina Damm got a damn fine body but implants detected so minus one point. I don't know who the topless older lady with her is but I am assuming it is a mother, wish is nice because I think these paparazzi candids were taken on Mother's Day. Yup, mother and daughter topless together at the beach on Mother's Day. And by the look of it these two got their boob jobs at the same pkace and done by the same doctor. But mum seem to have opted for a lot more cubic centimeters of silicone to be injected in her tits. Enjoy!

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